Auld Lang Syne and a Diego Salad

Columbia Steak Express
125 Southland Drive
Lexington KY  40503

Fork and Spoon were running errands on Southland Drive this evening and noticed the Columbia Steak Express sign just as the hunger pangs were starting to become bothersome. We couldn’t believe the store was still open, particularly as we travel up and down Southland on a regular basis and just never “see” the place!

We had no choice but to pull over in front of Don Wilson Music and order dinner by phone!

This is “Auld Lang Syne” for Spoon. Spoon hasn’t had Columbia Express since she worked night shift over 10 years ago. Back then, the Columbia Steak Express menu was at least a once weekly ritual for Spoon and her co-workers who covered 12 hour weekend shifts. A six ounce rib eye, a Diego salad and a loaded baked potato were just the ticket, back then, to push through a long workday.

This evening, we ordered two rib eye meals, medium-well, one with a Diego and broccoli, one with two Diego salads – the loaded baked potato just seemed like “too much” for us this evening. Fork Junior got steakburger (well done) and fries, another classic combination from days gone by. I have to say it ran us just shy of $30 for three dinners. The “tight-fisted hand at the grind-stone, Scrooge” in Spoon reeled a bit at this (the Nighthawk is now $15.99), but in the end, 

I have to say it was worth every penny!We took our goodies home and ate right out of the Styrofoam and it was just as delicious as I recall. The steak was juicy and just plain flavorful and the Diego salad was crisp and tart with red wine vinegar. The celery salt was just the perfect finishing touch. Fork declared the broccoli quite delicious if perhaps a little overcooked and Fork Junior gave the steakburger and fries two thumbs up.

Oh sure, we could have cooked it at home for less. And we could have sat in a restaurant and been served on a plate. It was just dandy, however, to enjoy the steak, feet on the coffee table, watching Jeopardy. No dishes and we just ran the trash out to the Herbie when all was said and done.

Fork and Spoon like!

**** Another reviewer noted they have a limited delivery area. As we picked up our order, Fork and Spoon can’t address that. We imagine, however, that staff from the three nearby hospitals alone keep the place hopping. 

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